Palomar Note

Investing in Real Estate by BEING THE BANK.

HOMEOWNERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY NEED OUR HELP, to keep them in their homes.  We Buy defaulted Mortgages from the Bank and work with the Homeowner to help return the Note to  Re-performing again.  Credit Counseling, Temporary Loan Modification, Cash For Keys, Deed In Lieu, noncollectable debt forgiveness and Foreclosure are just a few of the tools we use to resolve debt problems of the homeowner.

Through Advanced Due Diligence we are able to purchase Non-Performing Mortgages at 30-50% of the Underlying Collateral's FMV.  We move ourselves to the front of the line. Ahead of REO Buyers, Fix n' Floppers and Wholesalers.  By moving these NPN's through our systematic Protocols, we turn the Asset into  multiply streams of Cash-Flowing Income, that beats all other Real Estate Investment models.  Want to know more?.........Contact Us.

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