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Palomar Note Buyers LLC is a Southern California based Real Estate Investment firm, specializing in the acquiring distressed assets, specifically, Performing, Re-Performing and Non-Performing Notes secured by residential properties; that best fits our buying criteria. We target assets with a value from $20,000 - $120,000.

Palomar Note Buyers LLC has developed a variety of sources to acquire notes, through extensive networking and relationship building. We strive to maintain a solid ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship with our acquisition partners. We are a privately funded organization working in joint venture or partnership with private investors and private capital. 

We target opportunities that have multiply exist options, to secure the desired positive outcome. Part of our criteria is to evaluate an opportunity for all possible exit strategies, including, but not limited to, early payoff workouts with the borrower, loan modification, re-financing, and selling to other investors. But our first priority is to work with the homeowner to work out a solution that keeps them in the home. We rehab homeowner not houses. 

For further information and correspondence, please contact our office. For faster response, you may also reach Jeffrey B Wolf at Mr. Wolf welcomes all inquiries and will respond promptly. 

Jeff Wolf, Acquisitions & Asset Management Analysis at Palomar Note Buyers

Jeff Wolf, Acquisitions & Asset Management Analysis at Palomar Note Buyers

We would  be happy to speak with you about our Notes or your Notes. 

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