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Investing in Real Estate through Notes can be a little daunting for the new investor. below is a Flow-Chart to Income.  It maps out the series of miles stones  in working a Note to incomes.    Download the Note Flow Chart below. 


ANATOMY of a non-PERFORMING Note Deal investing

This is how you make money Buying Notes.

The above  flowchart, outlines the options we have to make money with Non-performing Notes. 

Non-performing Note investing is more secure, more unsurprising, and yields considerably higher profits than any other investment vehicle that we know.  NPN’s put the Note-holder in the number one position. You’re ahead of speculators, you’re ahead of the last in line fix n flippers, you’re ahead of the “We buy Ugly Houses" guys. You’re ahead of all of your Real Estate investing competition.  

Investments are secured by a 1st lien on the property, affording you numerous ways to exit safety and profitably, with returns on your capital investment typically ranging from 12-15% or higher. Brilliant investors are putting their capital into the paper to control, acquire and flip real estate.  As a private lender owning mortgage notes (you are the bank), you can enjoy high, stable returns by investing in notes that are backed by the ‘Right’ property asset. You can get excellent returns without the hassles of managing any property.  How would you like to receive high yielding mail-box money without the hassles of landlord-ing? While beating the stock market. 

Some of these asset are perfect for cash flow income. Instead of owning a home and dealing with tenants. Once the Non-performing Note is turned into a Re-performing Note you can get monthly income without being the landlord. As you are now the ‘bank’ the homeowner makes payments to you, just as if it was a landlord/tenant relationship. But in this case the tenant is responsible for fixing their own leaky roof, toilet, mowing the lawn and paying the property taxes, not you. 

For this privilege the homeowner pays you a monthly income for the next 20 years. And all you did was buy the right Paper Asset, at the right price (usually for 25-50% of the homes current value). That’s right we buy these asset for roughly 50% of the underlining asset current market value. Excited? I was too when I started looking at this business.  We are actively looking for Investors from Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties. Who are comfortable with out of State investing. 

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